Novel OPOB-Library, cyclic peptides immobilized on gel-type beads for drug-discovery, which allows rapid dconvolution

NovelOPOB-Library, cyclic peptides immobilized on gel-type beads for drug-discovery.

Costs of drug discovery is increasing and middle-molecules become an attracting target as a successor of small molecules or antibodies. By the traditional approach controlling the target is difficult and many attempts obtaining the lead of middle molecules have been failed. The novel library focusing on discovery of middle-size drugs has been developed based on our previous experience and achievements.

OPOB, chemically synthesized immobilizing cyclic peptides on gel-type beads with high quality are suitable for affinity selection. This library was constructed focusing on drug-likeness and expanded chemical space. Rapid identification of hit-ligands by a mass spectrometer and the deconvolution method has been established. The method is suitable for chemoproteomics studies, since identification generates not only ligands but also target molecules.

Request and/or collaboration:

Not only providing libraries but also analyzing the selected beads are possible. Upon requests construction of tailor-made libraries and/or secondary libraries derived from the first hit are available. Hence, the previous library (ca 200 million compounds), /eng/?p=751 can also be provided. A comprehensive collaboration is also welcome to discovery of multiple targets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

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