Structured Peptide Library


Since HiPep Laboratories founding in 2002, we provide structured peptide libraries constructed as capture molecules equipped with biochips. These peptide libraries have the potential to inhibit protein-protein interactions and change protein function. Number of possible design peptides: de novo designed peptides ca. 500 species of α-helix, ca. 400 species of β-sheet, ca. 500 species of β-loop, ca. 100 glycopeptides; N-terminal TAMRA, C-terminal Cys, glycopeptide only Cys (Acm)

  1. High-purity peptides are pipetted into vials or tita-plates
  2. Hit peptides patents can also be monopolized by customers
  3. Structural optimization consulting based on hit sequence
  4. Synthesis of peptide libraries of optimized structures on a commission basis

Application: protein-protein interaction (PPI) inhibitor screening etc.

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