Contents of Business

Contents of Business

Current Business

  • Applications of on biological functions and molecular recognitions based on peptides and proteins
  • Construction of peptide libraries and related devices and reagents, and consumers: Major commercial products were developed for in‐house use (own research)
  • Application oriented consultation, contract research, and training
  • Contract peptide synthesis and purification, analyses discovery, optimization with design
  • Amino acid analysis, chiral analysis, detection of contaminants, MS analyses for proteins and peptides
  • Bio‐molecular Recognition Peptides and related compound Libraries
  • Development of methodology for drug discovery, screening, therapy and diagnosis

Major Products

  1. Devices, reagents and separation columns(HiPep- Cadenza, HiPep-Intrada), in house developed for own use.
  2. Peptide Libraries: Linear-, Cyclic-peptides, immobilized on Gel-type support (one-peptide on one bead) proteins mimicked by peptides; 24 natural & non-proteinogenic AA, their diversity 246= 200Mil → Construction of the Peptide-vehicle for DDS
  3. Designed compound libraries ( -strand, -helix, -loop, dual labeled (FRET), glycopeptides for arrays, on beads immobilized peptides
  4. Angiogenic Peptide & Peptide conjugates for Biomaterials
    → QOL (US and JP-Patent, License out, Related compounds and derivatives)
  5. From Natural Resources: (Detailed data disclosed under NDA)
  6. Non-proteinogenic amino acid Mimosine and its Derivatives: an useful building block in combi-chem/chemical biology: 2-amino-3-(3-hydroxy-4-oxo-4H-pyridin-1-yl)-propionic acid, isolated from tropical legume, purified and characterized also its chirality
  7. Novel Bio-Chip (PepTenChip®), designed labeled peptide arrays
  8. Novel materials made from amorphous carbon for bio-chips, micro-reactors and micro-analyzers. Tailor made surface functional groups, size, format are available.

Peptides and related compound Libraries: dispense service

  • Immobilized Linear‐Cyclic‐peptides with natural and non‐natural AA
  • Overlapping Peptides of Proteins
  • Designed peptides for array (helices, sheets and loops, with sugars or fatty acids)
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