PetiSyzer® (Personal Synthesizer)

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PetiSyzer® is a trademark of HiPep Institute.

  • 10-position heating reaction system with shaker.
  • LibraTube (RT5M100) and Small LibraTube (RT3M100) are available.
  • Two independent temperature control system (5 tubes in 1 lane).
  • Temperature range: up to 120 ℃.
  • Two independent waste lines through PTFE manifold.
  • Shaker with timer and speed adjuster.

* Development of a simple and low cost manual synthesizer for the chemical library construction
* Application of Combinatorial Peptide Libraries to Prevention of Infectious Endocarditis, as an Example for Infection Control
* Reactivity switching on solid support: solid-phase synthesis of tertiary amines by reduction of tertiary amides with LiAlH4, H. Akamatsu, et al, Tetrahedron Letters 2001, 43, 8867-8869
* New Efficient Route for Solid-Phase Synthesis of Benzimidazole Derivatives, H. Akamatsu, et al, Combinatorial Chemistry, 2002, Vol. 4, No. 5, 475-483
* Oxidation of Amines and Sulfides Catalyzed by an Assembled Complex of Phosphotungstate and Non-Cross-Linked Amphiphilic Polymer, Y. M. A. Yamada, et al, Synlett 2002, 12, 2031-2034, Tetrahedron 2004, 60, 4087-4096


PetiSyzer® Shaking, Heating Reaction System (1 Set)


IMG_6645 Product name PetiSyzer® Shaking System (without heating)
P/N PSP-5100
Unit 1 Set
Price(without tax) Open price

PetiSyzer® Shaking System (without heating and cooling) (1 Set)


PSS-5100_2 Product name PetiSyzer® Shaking, Heating  Reaction System
P/N PSS-5100
Unit 1 Set
Price(without tax) Open price

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