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  • Easy vial sealing without burners.
  • For various chemical processes which should be performed in a sealed condition.
  • Allows easy operation without skills such as:
    complete vial sealing under vacuum.
    removal of excess solvents or reagents.
    accurate temperature control during reactions including hydrolysis.

Usage example

  • Liquid phase hydrolysis of peptide / protein (For amino acid analysis using HPLC and D / L analysis)
  • Pretreatment of fatty acid analysis (Methyl esterification)
  • Pre-treatment of steroid analysis (Trimethylsilylation)
  • HPretreatment of the amino analysis using PLC (OPA、Fmoc)
  • Derivative of Dansyl etc.
  • Bulk reaction in Combinatorial Chemistry


AHST system complete for 16 vials

AHST_main Product name AHST system complete for 16 vials
Unit 1 Set
Price(without tax) Contact us

Component parts

Product name P/N Price(without tax)
Heating block – Temp. controller for 8 vials H102 Contact us
Heating block – Temp. controller for 16 vials H104 Contact us
Vial rack (8-positioned) H105 Contact us
Blowing stand (PTFE-made, with pressure valve) H113 Contact us
Vacuum vessel H815 Contact us
Sealing plug H500 Contact us
PTFE septum H400 Contact us
Glass vial (1 mL, OD 11 mm, H40 mm) H255 Contact us
Cap for glass vial (polyethylene-made) M310 (100 pieces) Contact us
Cap for glass vial (polypropylene-made) *Not included in a complete set H310 (100 pieces) Contact us
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