Position Offer / Stellen Angebot

HiPep Laboratories
Nakatsukasa-cho 486-46, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8158, Japan
Tel (075)-813-2101
Fax (075)-801-0280
Email: info [at] hipep.jp
Research assistant/associates, Post-doctoral or Pre-doctoral Research Fellow(s) can also available. Please refer also in Japanese.

Applicants should send CV and publication list with appropriate certificates, if available letters for recommendation(s). These materials should be sent by mail and NOT by e-mail including attachments.

Before the interview applicants must consider the real situation of research business. No volunteers. The profit source of the company is generated by research-business. We are neither a university nor academic sectors.

Employment Procedure

1. Preliminary interview
2. Interview
3. Official documents for aliens (VISA Working permission etc.)
Travel costs for interview will not be considered by HiPep Laboratories.

The first priority in our research projects is R&D of Bio-detection.
Japanese, English and/or German language as mother tongue(s) or equivalent language proficiency is highly required for smooth communication and team work.

Desired fields: Bioorganic chemistry including surface chemistry, combinatorial chemistry and protein/peptide science.

HiPep Laboratories has been founded in March 2002 as a venture research company (not supported by big companies). The highest priority is the safety rule duringwork. Secondary, customers’ satisfaction. Thirdly, team work. Publications are important although making money through reserch is much more important. No discrimination of age, sex, nationality, qualification of the university where they studied, but business (research) promotion is the key.

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