Contract synthesis of Peptide nucleic acid (PNA)

Peptide science professionals prepare PNA, PNA-conjugates with or without labeling by the use of our know-how/experience.

Technical overview

PNA is a molecule with a structure similar to DNA or RNA, which has peptide-bonds in the main chain. It can suppress specific gene expression like antisense method or RNA interference method. PNA has been thought to be useful for drugs because of the stability against nuclease or protease comparing to DNA/RNA. In fact no repulsion of negative charge by phosphate group and stronger than DNA/DNA bond. Additionally PNA does not form a stable PNA-DNA double helix structure if DNA sequence is not completely complementarity. Therefore, PNA is effective for probes to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (Gaylord BS, et al., PNAS 2005 4; 102: 34-9.).

Problems of PNA synthesis

1.Building blocks are expensive
2.The steric hindrance influences amide bond formation and often poor yield
3.The quality of monomers for assembly influenced biological recognition

PNA bio-conjugate: various cell penetrating peptides and spacer introducing compounds are useful in delivery

PNA forms complementary to A – T and C – G with DNA and specifically recognizes the sequence of DNA.

PNA-bioconjugate (Modular Type) are generally useful for introducing cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) with the appropriate spacer. In fact PNA shows poor membrane permeability, although the conjugate with CPP, PNA can deliver to nuclei in cells. It is also possible to release a drug in the cells by conjugation with enzymatic cleavable modules and used for imaging. (*Pipkorn R, Nokihara et al., Int .J. Med. Sci. 2011; 8:725-734. Braun K, Nokihara et al., Int. J. Med. Sci. 2012; 9:339-352)

Guidelines  in ordering

 Number of Residues  The range for standard synthesis is 10 to 15 base
 Longer than 16 residues often resulting poor yield due to

the coupling efficiency. Please contact us.

 Quality assurance  Reverse phase HPLC analysis data and mass spectrometry data
 Purity  Purity 80 – 90% guaranteed
 Amount  Standard 150 microgram
 >150 microgram: Please contact us
 Delivery lead time  20 to 30 business days
 Delivery form  freeze drying


Please contact us for peptide conjugation.

 Delivery lead time   30 business days
 Delivery form   freeze dried powder
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