Contract based Syntheses/Analyses

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From laboratory scale to bulk scale

Peptide science professionals will use our know-how and technology to synthesize peptide derivatives such as products suitable for the purpose. We will also respond to the design of the most suitable peptide for the purpose.

Contract synthesis of Peptides & Related materials



Syntheses of the length

of peptides

 6~25 residues
 Please contact us for less than 5 residues, more than 26 residues.

(Syntheses of ca 150 AAs  could ben performed previously)

Quality assurance data  RP-HPLC analysis data and mass spectrometry data
Synthetic sample  before purification  Crude (Guaranteed over 60% purity)
Purified product  >70%, >80%, >90%, >95%
Production amount  1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, several gram, >100 gram: Please contact us
Delivery lead time  10 – 15 business days
Delivery form  Freeze dried product / Frozen / Dispense


Acetylation, Biotinylation, C-terminal amidation, Cyclization, Multiple disulfide linkage, Sugar chain, Sulfate group, Phosphate group, Fluorescent group, Immobilized peptide, Peptide conjugation, Library (by systematic sequence) construction, Other (derivatization for immunity etc.)

Delivery lead time for options  15 – 20 business days
Delivery form  Freeze dried product / Frozen / Dispense / Peptide solution

※ Prices vary depending on sequences, structures, quantity, purity, delivery form.

We are using high quality building blocks (Protected Amino Acids, some in house prepared) especially no natural Amino Acids and dyes.  

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